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Tenure-Track Professorships and Junior Professorships

The University of Freiburg aims to use junior professorships and, in particular, tenure-track professorships in order to promote researchers at an early stage in their careers and to enable them to achieve early academic independence. These positions are essential in making academic careers more attractive and to open up a clear perspective with the career goal of a lifelong professorship.

The systematic development of the tenure-track professorship career path in our department plays an important role. Tenure track was systematically established at the University of Freiburg in 2009 as a strategic tool to implement and offer a predictable career path for particularly qualified researchers at a relatively early stage of their careers.
Since its inception, the tenure-track system has also served to build and sharpen the profile of faculties and specialist fields, thereby further strengthening areas that are already strong in research and the international competitiveness of the University of Freiburg.

To ensure a transparent and quality-assured process, the University of Freiburg was one of the first universities in Germany to regulate the tenure procedure as part of comprehensive tenure guidelines in 2012, which define the evaluation criteria for quality assurance clearly. The statutes for junior professorships and tenure-track professorships built upon this basis in 2017 (initially the statutes and quality assurance concept for junior professorships with and without tenure track) are being continuously developed by us based on previous experience and legal changes.

The University of Freiburg continues to strive to fill a significant proportion of the lifelong professorships due to become vacant via tenure-track professorships and to establish this career path permanently. This undertaking is supported by the successfully acquired Joint Federal Government-Länder Tenure-Track Programme (Joint Federal Government-Länder Funding Programme for Junior Academics), which is responsibly conducted by our department and runs until November 30, 2032.



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