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Making equality contagious: responsible leadership in the pandemic

Everyone's experience of the COVID-19 pandemic is different. While there are tough challenges in many aspects of life and work, there are also surprising potentials that come with the emergence of this new situation. Depending on factors like gender, age, health, living and working conditions, and many others, people are affected by these challenges and potentials in various and interchanging constellations. How can leaders in academia face this situation and enable their teams to work in a safe, healthy, and productive environment? What leadership skills are required in the current pandemic? How can they be acquired? Which part can doctoral and postdoctoral researchers play when it comes to responsible, inclusive leadership in academia?

The aim of this workshop was to come up with ideas how to make equality contagious in our institutions. It was part of the virtual conference "I, Scientist" on gender, career paths and networking.